Google Launches FastPair, Make Bluetooth Connection Faster

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Google has updated its 'Fast Pair' feature on Android and Chromebook. This feature allows users to pair Bluetooth devices faster. For example, to connect devices with Bluetooth headsets and speakers.

This bluetooth connection can also be connected with cellphones, tablets, and laptops that have the same Google account installed. Thus, each device connected to a user's Google account will automatically be connected to that device.

Quoting from the Android Developers page, the company has now provided a feature that allows all users to connect all of their devices, which can be connected with 'Fast Pair'.
It is now said that the company has been working with dozens of other manufacturers to present devices that can connect with 'Fast Pair' in the coming months. This is one form of its efforts in supporting the latest feature updates.

Some manufacturers have worked with Gogole such as Jaybird, which has sold Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones, as well as other well-known products such as Anker SoundCore, Bose, and others.

Google also said it had collaborated with leading bluetooth audio companies in the industry such as Airoha Technology Corp, BEST, and Qualcomm Technologies International to add 'Fast Pair' support to their devices.

This Google feature is estimated to be similar to the Bluetooth feature that Apple applied to its AirPods. This feature makes bluetooth earphones connected to various devices using the same iCloud account. Not only that, this update can only be used in close proximity.

This is also said to be one of the steps to renew the upcoming device. Given that later smart devices will not provide audio jack holes. This update can be used by devices running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later. However, this update will only be available for Chromebook next year.
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