facebook rated 'loving' to black people

                                 Facebook Rated 'Loving' to Black People

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Former Facebook employee announced this global company had problems with black people. Because, Facebook failed to include black people to work in the company.
"Facebook has a black problem. Facebook's disappointment with blacks on the platform reflects the marginalization of its black employees," said Mark Luckie who is also black, as reported by AFP.
Luckie said he had shared the memo in social networks around the world earlier this month, shortly after he left Mark Zuckerberg's social network.
In the memo, Luckie wrote an illustration that black people are one of the most involved demographics on the social network. Nevertheless, Facebook does not provide a comfortable place to chat on Facebook.

Content has been removed and accounts have been suspended due to reports from non-black people. They report content and this account encourages hate speech. Though the word Luckie, the account and content do not spread the utterance of hatred.
Even black employees on Facebook often listen to derogatory statements at work.
"I don't know that black people work on Facebook," Luckie's story illustrates one of these condescending attitudes.
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Luckie noted that currently the percentage of black people is around four percent of the total workforce. This number has increased from 2016 with two percent.
"In some buildings there are even more posters of 'Black Lives Matter', than the number of black employees," Luckie said.
Facebook's diversity report in July confirmed the four percent figure and showed that the percentage role of blacks in sales increased by eight percent.
"However, we continue to face challenges in recruiting black and Hispanic employees in senior technical and leadership roles," said Chief Diversity Officer Maxine Williams in the report.
Luckie then questioned the existence of Facebook workers hired to comment on the diversity goals in the report. He said many stories that black people were treated aggressively by company security
"To feel like an oddity in your own workplace because your skin color when passing a poster that reminds you to be your authentic self feels authentic," Luckie said.
This memo on Facebook was then answered by a man who claimed to be a Facebook worker. This man named Carl Smith said that Luckie's experience did not represent the voice of black people in the company.
"In the office, I often wear pro black shirts, Colin Kaepernick Jerseys, or Black Lives Matter shirts to work and I feel really comfortable doing it because I truly believe that I can be myself every day so I come to work "He is Carl.
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