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1. Apples
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Apples are one of the fruits that most people are on a diet. This red or green fruit does have good nutrition and helps you reduce weight scales. In one small apple or around 85 grams, only 50 calories contain 12 grams of carbohydrates.

While the fiber contained is fiber that is effective to keep you hungry longer. This means that you can make it a distraction for a healthy diet between meals, allowing you to consume excessive amounts of food. Apples also have a relatively low index level for those of you who have diabetes, but want to control your weight.

2. White egg

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Egg whites are provided by bodybuilders as a healthy diet menu. Unlike egg yolks, egg whites are high in protein but low in fat, suitable for your diet.

Yes, just 100 grams of egg white contains 10.9 grams of protein. Meanwhile, for fat there is only about 0.17 grams. Because it is low in fat, you don't need to worry about adding fat in the body.

In addition, a healthy diet can not indicate the glycemic index, because it does not contain carbohydrates, diabetes can safely consume egg white.

Even though it's low in fat, you should consume it in sufficient quantities and according to your needs. Do not forget, vary the egg white with other healthy diet menus so that your nutritional intake is still fulfilled.

3. Broccoli
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You can count on Broccoli as one of the healthiest diet foods. This is because broccoli is calorie lace but is rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Imagine, one glass complete with pieces of broccoli only contains 30 calories. While for fiber content, broccoli has as much as 5 grams of fiber which can help you full all day.

Not only that, in people with diabetes, they can help control blood sugar levels. So, eat as much broccoli as possible and will not make your blood sugar rise.
4. Fish
In addition to the various types of food mentioned above, you can also eat fish as a healthy diet. The good fat content in fish can help you put on weight, you know. Unlike meat, fish have a type of omega-3 fat that is good for brain health. Usually, this fat is in deep-sea fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel.

In addition, a study conducted in Sweden revealed that people whose dinner menu was fish, tended to have 11% lower intake than people who ate meat.

Eating enough and not excessive intake is also a way for diabetics to manage their disease. So that the benefits of this fish are more optimal, you should avoid eating fish by frying it. Instead of wanting to lose weight, the cooking process will actually contribute more fat to your body.

5. Low-calorie snacks
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No need to leave the habit of snacking. During your diet, you really are not forbidden to eat snacks. Today there are many healthy snacks on the market as healthy diet foods.

However, make sure if the snack you are consuming is indeed low in calories and does not contain high sugar, huh. Therefore, always check the nutritional value label printed on the food packaging before you buy a healthy snack. Look carefully at the sugar, fat, and calories in the snack.

Design a healthy diet for everyday
Actually designing a healthy diet for everyday is not difficult, as long as every meal and snack you consume contains protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates and a little fat. Here are some healthy diet menu references that you can try to apply for everyday.

Healthy diet menu 1
# Breakfast
>Tea or coffee with sugar, don't add milk
>Two pieces of whole wheat bread with butter
# Lunch
>Grilled chicken breast with a mixture of butter (butter) or olive oil
>Boiled vegetables (such as carrots, broccoli, corn) and mashed potatoes
>Glass of water
# Dinner
>Lean meat steak
>Mashed potato
>Glass of water

Healthy diet menu 2
>A cup of plain yogurt with honey
>One banana
>Glass of water
# Lunch
Vegetable salad plus macaroni
Glass of water
# Dinner
>Skinless boiled chicken breast
>Setup broccoli and red beans
>Glass of water
>Granola bar

Healthy diet menu 3
.>Boiled eggs plus cheese
>Red rice
>Pepes fish
>Boiled tofu or tempeh
>Vegetable salad add lemon juice, mushrooms, and a little olive oil (can also be added with pieces of >chicken breast or shrimp and a sprinkling of cheese)
>Glass of water

Real fruit juice without added sugar
Breakfast is a must if you are on a diet. The key is to avoid foods high in fat and high in calories. Enough for your breakfast intake with foods that are high in protein and fiber to keep you full until noon. Snacks in the healthy diet mentioned above are optional, meaning you can eliminate them if you really don't need them.

Usually dinner can be bomerang for you to overeat, especially if you only eat a little lunch. That's why, always pay attention to your meal portions. Ideally, divide your plate into 4 parts.

A quarter for your meat or protein source, another quarter for carbohydrates, and the last two quarters for green and colorful vegetables. Remember, avoid heavy fatty foods or high-sugar foods at dinner to keep your weight under control.

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